Sunday, October 29, 2006

And another one and another one

Siamese mittens (the Super Mittens from "Weekend Knitting".) I'd previously done these in some of my handspun hand dyed. I like the hand spun ones better. Still deciding whether or not to full these just a smidge.And Mr Cabin Cove Dave, what's with gas prices in Boston being under $2 a gallon and you don't drive and take advantage of it? (only kidding) I drive and this week have been paying $2.56. Scooter as my daily commute will probably end because of darkness on the way home. I don't mind riding to work in the dark, but people drive even more insane on their commutes home.


Anonymous Dave Daniels said...

Well, with the crazy ways peoploe in Boston drive, gas SHOULD be cheaper. lol Where's this secret gas station with those cheap prices?

9:27 AM  

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