Saturday, October 28, 2006

Saturday Sky for Ocober 28 and another FO

Saturday sky is yet another boring picture of a blue cloudless sky. Though I should be happy since soon grey clouds will decend upon us until mid March. Grey clouds that have no other weather associated with them. Boring. This is a picture of Randy, one of the people in the scooter gang I belong to. We decorated our scoots for a spooky scoot ride today. If anyone is interested, the scooter is a Stella.
Another FO. The replacement Noro One Skein hat for Mom since she lost the other one on the Oregon Coast. Started last night at Friday Night Knit Night. Decreases this morning and tada- FO.


Anonymous jessie said...

Nice hat. Simple but great Noro colors. :-)

3:31 AM  

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