Friday, June 02, 2006

Nightmare on Main Street

Or whatever street it is I live on. Thursday was my designated Dye-O-Rama dye night. Had some dinner, laid out all my supplies, took the wrappers off the Louet Gems Pearl hanks. Very carefully. Very carefully put them in the soak cycle. Hand painted the two hanks so they pretty much matched straight across. Nuked them, let them cool and very very carefully rinsed them. Notice I keep saying very carefully.

I placed skein number one on the swift and noticed that Louet has changed how they tie their hanks. The now do it the way I've noticed Manos del Uraguay has gone to and I absolutely hate it. The way they just take the end of the yarn, weave it in and out of the hank itself, tie it back on itself. The chances of a, or for that matter, many cross overs are tremendous. I was able to skein #1 fine. Number 2 was a different matter. As caredful as I could do it, it still was the biggest tangled mess I have ever encountered.


Anonymous Dave Daniels said...

I've noticed that,too, about how they changed their skein ties. Of course, I had to chop a skein into bits before getting it right!

3:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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