Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A little lite spinning

I was busy all weekend (motorcycle training class) and yesterday switched between playing and working around the house. So not much knitting progress. Did spin though. It is taking forever to spin the Romney to add to my Zoe stole. Plus this Oregon Romney isn't cooperating as nice as the Romney from Thorpe WA. Staple length isn't as long I don't think.

Yesterday after Dave left on his commute to SLC I couldn't fall back to sleep (so much for sleeping in on a work holiday) so I put in my Roman Holiday DVD. I don't really care for Audrey Hepburn, but in her first US movie role (this one) she isn't as over done as she was in later films. Plus Gregory Peck is just delightful. Goofy movie since it was made in '52 or '53 but just what I needed. While watching I got in the mood to knit premmie socks so I took out some leftover Koigu and got one done. Just need another movie for sock 2. Our son was born 9 weeks early and I still have the socks he wore so I knew what size to knit. I figure I'll do a bunch and send them over to the NICU. I am using my standard sock pattern. I was seated cross legged on the couch while I knitted, Ruby fell asleep in my lap. My left foot fell asleep and the right one was cold!! No cat tail warming it on that side.


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