Thursday, December 07, 2006

A gallon of purple roving

Last night's TV with its airhead content was perfect for spinning. The finale of America's Top Model (uber-airhead) and the National Finals Rodeo. I choose a gallon ziplocked bag of purple roving that I'd bought off ebay or etsy earlier in year and decided it was going to turn into socks. Duh, forgot to weight the contents before I split the roving, but so far have spun just about half of it and have come up with half a bobbin. So I'm thinking I must have 4 oz total (spun and un) and I think I average about 4 oz on a bobbin. I'm planning on then spinning a matching amount from one of my Dudley Spinner roving for some Twisted Sisters inspired sock yarn.

I was hoping that Santa Hubby Dave noticed from his knitting chair how much I was suffering last night by having to stop every minute or so and adjust the pinch clamp on my Lendrum. ~sigh~ a Woolee Winder would make my spinning life so much easier ~sigh~. If he doesn't notice, it will be my first priority purchase after the new year.


Anonymous Dave Daniels said...

Um, just a hint: print out the page from the website or leave a catalog open and the item circled. To expect a man to notice usually goes un-noticed. Just my own manly observation...

2:32 PM  

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