Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Griswolds Update

Remember the pic of the house a mile from me with half the lights up early? Here it is in it's full glory. Retina searing isn't it! Heide commented that I should bug Robin Dodge about dyeing more of the Rainforest at Dusk colorway. Robin actually does have an additional 175 yds available at Etsy. I had just been thinking a small scarf/gaiter from this, one of those shorties from One Skein (shown on a guy in the book in off white) and finding a jeweled scarf pin or stick to go with it (for me). Plus I am not sure how soft this wool is going to wash up. I'm planning on soaking it and softening it up before I knit something with it. It's a little on the stiff side. Don't get me wrong, the yarn is beautiful!! Robin also has a colorway called Wine and Roses that is very rich too.

Chris and Rae think I am a total nutcase not wanting to learn toe up. Well I'd learn it in a heartbeat but I (up until last night) hadn't seen a toe and heel that I liked. After hours of searching last night I came up with 2 patterns where the heel and toe meets my expectations.

The first one is called "You're Putting Me On" by Judy Gibson. See, the heel and toe look just like the ones I put on my top downs. I'll just need to rewrite the pattern for 2 circs. Judy calls for US5's which should work pretty close for the Lavender Sheep Sea Turtle yarn I plan to use. The second was the "Crazy Heels and Toes" by Queen Kahuna.
I treated myself to a new pair of Birkenstock Arizona's (off ebay, nice and inexpensive) to wear with all my winter socks. I'd been wearing Birks since the Arizona was introduced in the early '70's, getting them resoled and recorked and occasionally buying a new pair. Living in Boulder CO back then you could find nice hippy dippy shoes like Birks, Earth Shoes, Fyres and Roots. Just hadn't replaced my oldies lately.


Blogger Chris said...

Definitely retina searing!!

Heh, that's the toe-up pattern that I use. Love it, altho I use a slightly different toe (it's in my sidebar) and I do a slip-knit heel instead of stockinette. But hey - I have big feet, so toe-up is really the only way for me to go. For non-patterning yarns, I often knit from opposite ends of the ball to maximize my yarn.

7:18 PM  
Blogger Heide said...

Holy sunglasses Batman, that is obnoxiously bright! I tried toe-up once, but I had no luck. Honestly, I like knitting socks the traditional way... on dps from the top down.

7:26 AM  
Anonymous Robin Dodge said...

Thanks for blogging about my yarn! I'm sorry it's so stiff. I was worried about that, and didn't quite know how to say it in the description without making it sound unappealing.

I have a new hat pattern on my etsy shop that I think might work with the yarn, and I can send it to you at no charge if you like it. I think you would have to double up the yarn, but because of the way the pattern is designed, the "stiff" yarn would end up on the brim, where you can show it off, and you can choose a softer yarn that would go against your forehead underneath. Let me know if you want it and I'll send it along.

11:41 AM  

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