Wednesday, August 09, 2006


As I read all my bloglines this morning I noticed an awful lot of rambling going on. This is not a bad thing and I am not complaining. I think it's just that everyone is looking forward to the end of this very hot summer, getting kids off to school, and maybe some last minute vacations.

So here is my contribution:
I haven't touched my spinning wheel in about three weeks. Why? I just don't know. I still love her. I have plenty of very yummy roving to choose from. I do have a little more plying to do to clear off some bobbins. Every once in a while I think about getting a Woolie Winder but can't justify the cost. Maybe if I tried someones I'd really really want one.
Ha ha ha, I am so funny. Bought it, tried it a couple more times. Can't get it to run for more than 2 minutes before I completely mess up. I know I just need to practise. Maybe go to a workshop if there ever was one close by?
Stash In/Stash Out
Not bad this summer. Haven't done toooooo much stash in (buying). I've been a good girl and have been knitting from my sock yarn stash. I've picked up the Claudia's Honey sock yarn about 93 times at the LYS and put it back every time. No, not until I am satisfied with clearing out my sock yarn stash. I've even been tempted by A Piece of Vermont. But I have at least 3 skeins of Jessie's sock yarn to work on first.
On the Needles vs UFOs
Not too bad. I've started sock 2 of the Rusted socks for Graham. Finishing the last of the fingers for my Glittens for Bitchin' Mittens. UFOs - I have about 5 inches left to do on my rib and cable mitts for Mom. And I may never go back to my In Town Bag. Though I could frog it, warp up my loom, chart it out and have the bag done in absolutly no time if I wove it instead.
I love it. Every chance I get. Too much fun and at 90 mpg absolutly no guilt factor. If I have to run an errand using my truck I automatically start calculating how much extra it's going to cost me when I get 18 mph at $3.09 (but runs better with mid-grade) and it takes 10 miles minimum to get anywhere.
Recumbent Trike Riding
Huh? Maybe once every other week. Not enough. Too hot.
House Stuff
Old dead lawn. Trees dying from heat stress. Garade door keeps sticking. New sink and pipes in master bath. New disposal and pipes in kitchen. (can you tell we are keeping our plumber employed?) Exterior of the house painted. Back porch all clean and nice. Screen door and new front door picked out but not ordered.
We've watched "The World's Fastest Indian" and "Second Hand Lions" in the past few weeks. Enjoyed them both very much.
I am about 3/4 of the way through Clive Cussler's "Black Wind". Just having trouble reading a Clive Cussler book with Dirk Jr in it. I will not read a Clive Cussler book with other characters as the leads, i.e. Kurt Austin. I just started "Vroom with a View: In Search of Italy's Dolce Vita on a '61 Vespa" by Peter Moore. Of course I am just eatting that one up.
Graham is looking forward to going back to school, though he doesn't move for another 5.5 weeks. He's been talking regularly with his room mate, who's bringing what etc. They'll be living in a different dorm this year. Same square footage in a double but on the 11th floor and a tiny tiny view of Elliott Bay and Smith Tower. They were accepted into the Inclusive Leadership Community which will keep them busier than ever before I think. Graham will be taking a heavy course load this fall, is involved in ASME, is an officer for Core Honors (top 25 engineering/science/nursing students cohort), and will be working part time in the ME department. We have a feeling that we will see him even less this year. Last year he only came home for his birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas and a funeral.
Dave is still commuting ever week to Tooeleville UT to work. He gets a lot of knitting done while he is gone. Not much else to do in that town for entertainment.
I have an interview tomorrow for a 50% assignment in an interesting program here at work. I need to wean myself out of this deadend non-career enhancing assignment I am on (though still working it 50% if I get the other 50%). My line manager is also watching a 100% assignment working with a director I used to work with and would really enjoy. It's still in the idea stage though.


Blogger Jeanne said...

Nice rambling! I haven't been spinning much either - and need to ply to clear my bobbins. I have so much nice roving to spin up....just need to get motivated to do it.

4:31 PM  
Blogger Cristina said...

how did your interview go?

9:37 AM  

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