Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Bottomless cup of coffee

In my fantasy world, right now I'd be sitting in some kind of comfy chair on a beach watching the waves crash, semi-wrapped in a shawl and sipping on a bottomless cup of great coffee. Knitting on my lap ready to go, a few knitting magazines with in arms reach, all with to die for patterns.

Darn it all, instead I am usually at work, bad cup of office coffee pool Yuban, knitting is at home and the knitting mags generally stink.

I finished tying in all the ends on the Glittens/Knucks, then when rereading the instructions noticed that I had completely forgotten their suggestion about knitting in all the ends as you go. Duh. Then I drug out my 55 gallon drum of assorted beads (ok a little exageration there) and narrowed down my selection to three colors to do beadwork on the back of my Glittens. Peanut gallery chimed in and I decided on using the very muted magenta. Then the more I thought about it the more I figured I didn't want to bead, I wanted to immediately cast on another pair while the needles were still warm. So I retreated to the guest room with the bead box and looked at my stash. All the colors of yarn I really want another pair of Glittens in are still roving. Darn. But I did have 38g of leftover Cherry Tree Hill Fall Foliage. Just about the right weight and they'd be colorful. Cast on and knitted one finger. Nope. Colors great but now that I am spoiled from using the wool/mohair blend I'm afraid nothing else will do. Glittens Two will have to wait for either a spin-a-thon or a trip to LYS. Glittens One will get its final portrait taken tonight sans beading.

I relooked at the latest Vogue Knitting and figured I didn't need to spend the $5.99 on it. Nothing looked like I was going to want to knit it. I've gone back the the LYS twice now to cruise Emma King's Fun and Funky. Each time with the realization that I already have patterns that cover most of the content. At $25 I can't justify it as a reference for Emma's great use of color.I just must be in a knitting funk, just a little bit. Probably need to get back to my spinning. If I head to Denver next month I'll bring some Romney with me and spin on my Great Grandmother's wheel that is stored at my parent's house.


Blogger trek said...

How about making up some stitch markers? Or experimenting with a new fibery thing?

1:20 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

Sometimes when I'm in a knitting funk, paging through my magazine back issues or my books is inspiring and reminds me of all the stuff I want to knit out of them.

2:23 PM  
Blogger Ann said...

I think it is the season for knitting funks..I have read that comment on more than one blog.

I am sure the fever will come back soon enough.


7:43 PM  

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