Monday, August 21, 2006

Bitchin' Mittens Status

My cheater Bitchin' Mittens (a.k.a. Glittens) are 95% complete as of this morning. Just need to weave in about 309 ends and decide whether or not I am going to do some beading on them. The beads I had in my stash that I though would work perfect were so perfect of a match that you can't tell they are there. So that's a why bother! They are darker purple than the photo shows.Now do I work on Rusted sock #2 or something from One Skein or? My self imposed rules say that I cannot start another pair of socks until the other pair is done. I like the Northern Lights sweater at Interweave knits, at least the shape of it but not the decorations on it. No too hot. Too many hot flashes. I like the target wave mittens but lets get real. My hands don't get cold in the winter either and I have a whole box of handknit mittens/gloves/fingerless things I've done. Though I guess I could knit them for someone else?


Anonymous Dave Daniels said...

Those are so cool. (Don't forget to post on the Botchin Mittens site that you've finished.)

4:39 PM  

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