Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Lil' bit of knitting going on

I cast on sock two of the pair of premmie socks I started last week. What a sense of accomplishment you can get when in the span of a 30 minute TV show you can go from cast on to nearly turning the heel! Needed something to get me out of my funk and that just about did it.

Today is our "Managed Hardware Showcase" at work. I'm going to run over so I can be early in line and get a $$ off coupon from Apple computers. I think I am pretty sure I want that MacBook I looked at last Saturday in Seattle. I could buy a very nice Dell laptop for lots less but I need a Mac back in my life again. We got our first Mac on March 13, 1984 and had Macs till late in 1997. What does this have to do with knitting? Not much.

Remember the bird nest (see below)? I got home from work yesterday to find one of the neighborhood cats (the one I usually find sleeping in our woodpile or porch chairs) using the now blown down nest as a pillow. It just wasn't a good secure spot Mrs. New Bird. Join Mrs. Robin and try the grape vines on the back porch. They are much more protected from the wind and the nasty magpies.


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