Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Ok so Margaret Bourke-White I'm not

But I do enjoy photography. I love my Nikon D70 and my fun lenses, you've heard that before. But sometimes I just want to grab a quick snap and load it to my blogs. You've heard that before too. So a while back I bought that little Samsung digital P&S. And while I appreciated its pocketability, the quality of the images was POS. I put it up on ebay after a couple months as a "buy me now" and got about $5 less than I'd paid for it. So no loss.

So I had been looking again. I still love my D70 but do not want to just throw it under my scooter seat like I can a little point and shoot. Plus I have to change lenses to do macro work. Which is no problem if I am shooting my knitting at home and have the time to do it justice. I almost bought a Nikon L1 at one of the big box stores over the weekend. Cristina, weren't you looking at that one a while back? But I figured I might as well go the ebay way. The L1's on ebay were more than they were at the store... So then I figured I'd look at the Pentax models that Dave has and Graham has. Sure enough, the model that Dave has, and I like, was going for the price range that I was comfortable with. I was able to get the Pentax optio S5i for what I made selling two different and discontinued Microsoft OS disc and keys for this week. Yeah!! Score!!

So by Monday I will have a digital point and shoot again and can resume my knitting photography at remote sites. Bet you've missed those. Or maybe not...


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