Monday, July 03, 2006

House painting is done!

We had the outside painting contracted out but sure had to do a lot of prep work so they could do it. We'd had about 1.5 cords of fruit wood that had been stacked for years next to our garage. A couple different people hauled it away. Then I cleared that entire side of the house. It's so nice there now in the shade that I'm thinking of pouring a concrete pad and putting a shed there. GB meanwhile had the job of putting in 1 x 3's, all the way around the part of the house that has siding, screwing them all in and caulking them. We did that because our 30 year old siding is so crappy that the bottoms had started chipping off. Spent yesterday afternoon making the back patio look extra nice. Even bought a new BBQ gas grill. Our 25+ year old one was spitting flames out the side so I figured its time had come. No more rebuilding it every year.Anyway the out side of the house (not counting the crappy dead lumpy lawn) looks fantastic with its fresh coat of paint. Last year we had a medium grey roof put on, we have a red brick front, white trim and the rest of the house is a very pale silver grey. We need to replace the three front windows, and will with white vinyl clad. Then a new screen door and then maybe next year a new front door.

Last time I knitted was Friday night at FNKN (sock 2 of baby cable rib). Too hot to think about knitting this weekend. I'd pick up the socks, just look at them and put them back in their bag. Same with the wheel. I want to knit/spin but even with the air on, I just can't think about it. Graham has been keeping cool by sewing. He just about finished a Pointy Kitty last night. In wild Hawaiian print!! Photo will be posted as soon as the eyeballs are sewn on. Next he'll be making a Panda softie for his girlfriend. He's thinking the Anna Panda pattern but much larger like pillow sized.

On the computer front, the iBook came on Thursday. Very nice shape for being 2 years old. Just light scratches on the exterior case. You can tell it was owned by an adult rather than some kid. Tried all the different features but couldn't get it hooked up to our wireless network at home. I took it to Seattle with us and had my brother check it out. We were able to hook up to the Apple Store WiFi so he suggested we burb our router a few times at home. That did the trick! So fa the only thing that has been funky with the Mac has been That is probably because I am accessing it through Safari. Tonight I am going to download FoxFire instead. iPhoto '04 just doesn't do what I need it to do so I have a copy of Photoshop Elements on its way and will probably be upgrading the iLife package soon.


Blogger Paul said...

Congrats on getting the house painting done - and yeah, it's all about the prep work! I used to paint in the summer - I loved it! Great mindless job!

9:05 AM  
Blogger Heide said...

I have an unfinished pointy kitty just waiting for my unorganized attention. Congratulations on the house being painted. Hope you get to break in the new bbq today. Happy Fourth of July!

8:35 AM  

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